The Illustrati Eel is native to Swamp Island, on Saaristo, and is one of the primary food sources of Venenodon and the Paluserra Fish.


It reaches about 1.5 metres long, making it easy prey for its hunter. The pigments in its skin give off a soft, yellow glow, making it stand out for miles. To counter this, it will roll in mud on the seabed to hide the light.


During mating season, the eels get together in massive clusters, and the males see who can shine brightest to impress the females. Those who are successful then mate, the female giving birth to one live offspring which she alone rears to adulthood.


The eat plants such as seaweed, and are exclusively herbivorous.


They are fully aquatic, having no limbs, and live exclusively in the swamps and rivers of Swamp Island.

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