I never liked that planet anyways.

- The Laoine Chairman

Ikaswa was the fifth planet of the Pari System. It was a small gas giant, with a mass of 9 times earth. However, it was destroyed in an attack by The Dastot.


A very small gas giant, Ikaswa was class FDA.


Ikaswa had a diameter of 3 times earth, and a mass of nine times it, due to its diffuseness. Its small size prohibited any large moons, and also had no rings.


Ikaswa took 19 hours to spin on its axis, and its year was 246 days. This giave it an average surface temperature of -2 degrees Celsius, odd for a gas giant. It had an axial tilt of 3.9 degrees, giving it almost no seasonal variation.


Even though Ikaswa was very small, it still has a normal composition for a gas giant. Its main element was hydrogen, making up for 72% of its mass, and helium, making up 23% of the mass. The remaining 5% were trace elements, such as heavier noble gases.


Ikaswa had 3 major asteroid moons, and a few other, tiny, asteroids caught in its orbit. It also had a very weak magnetic field, but no magnetosphere.

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