Ignus Charta, the (current) Draegen leader.

Ignus Charta is the current leader of The House of Magna, the Draegens, and the Branch of Ignus. He has one son, Ignus Chortus, and is married to Noroviam.

He is respected throughout the Draegen empire and is known for his resemblance of Magna Ignus, he almost equals his strength and one would say Magna Ignus has risen from his tomb.

He is also the primary funder of the Draegen Armour Corporations, this could be due to the fact that his son, Ignus Chortus, was born with a slight disability. His plates were never fully hardened and could easily being broken. Now with the DAC, he was able to grow stronger plates and gain several layers of hardened armour from the strongest materials known to the Draegens.

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