Mountain not a goat
Igneuscandendum are herbivores that live on Lacum Island, on Saaristo.


They can reach up to four metres long, and about two metres high. They have an orange-red-green colouration.

Mountain not a goat2

Close-up of the head

The head is adorned by two small horns above the eyes. Its other distinctive head feature is the appearance of cheek pouches. These can be used to store food for a few hours.

Its only other distinguishing feature are its feet. They are four clawed, but with one claw pointing out in each direction - forwards, backwards, left and right. This allows better grip on rocky ground.


They live in small groups. They reproduce in these groups, and offspring are raised to adulthood. By then, they are deemed experienced enough to survive on the mountain, and are abandoned, normally overnight.

They have a sort of feeding rota; they take it in turns to feed, normally one or two at a time, while the others keep a look out, as on the mountain, danger can come from multiple directions, and one lookout isn't enough.


They are herbivorous, feeding on the plants that grow on the volcano at the centre of Lacum Island.


They are found all over Lacum Island. A subspecies with a regular claw layout can be found on the plains around the island, whereas those with specifically designed claws are found on the volcano at the island's centre. The volcano is no longer active.

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