The Hyperia Program Random Generation or HPRG for short, is a Hyperian program designed and installed by the Hypers. It makes sure that APs, BPs, CPs, DPs, and AVs spawn in the Hyperia networks. However, as the name says, the spawn location in the database is random and the program could spawn anywhere. Many viruses target to rid the database of the HPRG. However, if destroyed, the memory loss so suddenly would make Hyperia crash.

Spawning is the process performed after a program is deleted from the network. Regardless of how it was deleted, a copy is spawned. For instance, if a Zan is deleted after being hacked, the HPRG downloads all of its base data and spawns a replica of that program's base model. This means that it spawns a program identical to the porgram the second it spawned.

Spawn OverloadEdit

The HPRG spawns all non-virus programs into the networks. This makes it an obvious that the HPRG would be a threat and target for viruses, so viruses would try to destroy it. However, as mentioned earlier, if it was destroyed, it would crash all of Hyperia.

Even though it can not be safely destroyed, it can be overloaded. This means that if too many non-virus programs needed to be respawned, the HPRG's memory would run low and slow down. This would over-all lower the total population of non-virus programs and viruses would inhabit the network more widely.

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