Hybodes are a very intelligent species of shark, descended from Dinoterran hybodont sharks brought to Rakosa by an ancient race that went extinct soon afterwards. They went extinct temporarily, but were soon resurrected and trained for military use by the Arlekt.


Hybodes resemble a mix between a modern shark and an ancient hybodont, reaching up to three meters in length. They are dark grey in color, with a white underside, and like all sharks, have jaws filled with many teeth. These teeth are used to rip apart and kill fish, their main diet. Their back dorsal fin no longer has a spine on it, and their bodies are streamlined for a pelagic lifestyle.

Unlike other sharks, however, Hybodes have very large brains in proportion to body size.


Hybodes are highly intelligent, being around as intelligent as the most intelligent Terran parrots. Though they lack the ability to vocalize, they are still capable of counting up to six, by snapping their jaws six times. Arlekt trainers have trained the sharks to answer questions with "yes" or "no", by snapping their jaws twice and once respectively. Brain implants can increase their intelligence to borderline sapient.


Hybodes are used by the Arlekt military to detect underwater mines, spy on naval enemies, and attack enemies. Brain implants are used to make the sharks intelligent and loyal. As they don't appear to be suspicious at first, enemies often ignore the Hybodes watching them.

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