The Hurgiokh Event is an event in which the Froziarii ship Yeit suffered a lightspeed accident. The ship's integrity was not stable enough and caused a big part of the ship to crush itself (the back part went into lightspeed while the front part didn't after the ship broke in half). When the lightspeed engine had stopped and the remains of the ship began to slow down they had reached Cybertooth space. The Cybertooth immediately attacked but encountered heavy resistance of the few hundred survivors and the operational security systems.

The Froziarii regrouped to the communications center to send a distress signal telling their fellow soldiers to stay out of this area, after this was done they began to make their way to the datacenter to delete all files to deny their enemy acces to them. Most of them found their death trying to make their way to the datacenter and the few who survived didn't hold out for long. The Froziarii deleted most files but due to a bug in the system all files relating to Fornae were placed last on the list, the Cybertooth had discovered its location.

When the Cybertooth attacked they encountered an enemy that was prepared to the fullest, planetary defence cannons began to open fire and the fleets that had gathered above Fornae mopped up the remnants. The Cybertooth had sent positions of the ships and a second fleet caused high casualties among the Froziarii, however, the planetary cannons were able to deny the enemy acces to the planet. While the Cybertooth were hunting the remaining Froziarii ships they had scavenged several ships for their data and soon knew all of the Froziarii planets and settlements.

And so started their bloody war...

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