Hodags are ugly animals native to Spine Island on Thanatos.


The face of a hodag is like that of a bulldog, but it also has curved horns, and the teeth are conical, as well as clearly visible, even when the mouth is closed. Their torso is long, thick and muscular, with 30 centimeter tall venomous spikes on the back. Their limbs stick out from the sides, giving it a gait similar to a lizard. And finally, the tail is long, taking up half the length of the hodag. Like the back, the tail also has tall, venomous spikes. Hodags are 6 feet long and 2 feet tall.


Hodags are scavengers, feeding on corpses. They have also been seen eating the resident omnishrimp.


Hodag venom is rather mild, and symptoms include medium amounts of pain, excessive salivating, excessive sweating and tiredness. There is no treatment, patients should just let the venom die down naturally. This takes a few days.

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