Hjaal Thor Verrak is a tall Krijgvolk, currently at the age of ninety-seven. He permanently lives aboard the Thor, a Krijgvolk Battleship.


Hjaal is very tall for a Krijgvolk, at almost 3.3 meters tall, and is respectably very strong. His age is augmented, and has lived almost 40 years beyond life expectancy. However, he appears only to be 25 or so. His exoskeleton is a dark maroon, and has a permanent mark in front of his eye from a Zorlakk attack. He also has a bionic replacement for it.

He constantly carries around several small guns, shaped like pistols. These shoot rocket-guided pellets at 3 times the speed of sound, and can crush through an inch of aluminum, and crack fiberglass. He has killed many criminals in his days as a basic soldier.


Hjall is very patriotic and religious. He often attends government and religion-related services, serving both as an admiral and as a bishop-like figure in his faith. He is also very honest towards others of his people and crew. He likes large and extravagant events and clothing. He parties often.

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