High Destiny is a Tikhio responsible for the reproduction on the planet Xenhadoo


High Destiny's personality was inspired by a female individual of unknown origin. It is very motivated in doing it's jobs and will always chose the safest way in completing tasks.


High Destiny is a very old A.I. - it's exact age is unknown - who once served voluntarily in the Tikhio military as an intelligence gatherer. When it discovered the course of a dangerous meteor, which had evaded their sensors due to a storm, headed towards the reproduction facility of Xenhadoo it warned the present military forces who fired a missile at it destroying it in the proces.

Afterwards Xenhadoo's Tikhio's debated for 1.23 seconds to give her a higher function, she was granted the position of Reproduction Overseer.


  • Usually the Tikhio do not keep track of meteors or space in common as they rely on their sensors.

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