The Hiekka-Asukas (Finnsih for "Sand Dweller") are a reptilian race native to the planet Erittäin-Hyvin-Kuivaa (Finnish for "very very dry")


The Hiekka-Asukas are 3m tall bipedal reptiles, they have a light grey skin and usually wear a body armour that can keep cold for several hours despite the sun.


The male Hiekka-Asukas reproduce when the female has laid eggs. Females are slightly rare but they are able to lay eggs once a month in cluthces up to 7 eggs.


They eat meat from the herds and the plants they gather in their caves.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

The Hiekka-Asukas live in tribes, caravans and cities. The tribes go from oase to oase and occasionaly visit the cities to trade their wares. The caravans visit tribes, oases and cities to buy and sell goods trying to gain profit.

Military doctrineEdit

The Hiekka-Asukas have no centralised army, instead most of them has a weapon and uses these only in time of need. They travel across the deserts of their home world using airships, sandgliders, hoverbikes and fighters/jets.


The Hiekka-Asukas have several different religions, however every religion is centralised about the sun.


V- Intraplanetary, this species has explored an entire home world. They have space travelling capabilities but do not leave their home planet for some reason. However, it is known that all kinds of species land on the planet to hire a Hiekka-Asukas as an assassin.

In FictionEdit

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