Hellion Flyers are moderately sized, aerial insectoids native to the planet Scarab.


Hellion Flyers slightly resemble winged termites, bright orange in color and almost a meter in length. Females of the species possess enlarged antenna-like appendages used for laying their eggs in the flesh of other animals, including sapients.

The larvae are milky white, and are possessed of grinding mandibles which they use to eat their way out of their host. Afterwards, they will burrow into the ground in order to form a cocoon and metamorphosize into the adult form.


Larvae feed on the flesh of their hosts, while adults feed on smaller animals. Carrion is also eaten, when available.


These insectoids are highly territorial; a single swarm will fiercely defend their area from other Hellion Flyers and any unusal species. Mercenaries from offworld are frequent targets.

When fighting, they will use their mandibles to penetrate the intruders skin or exoskeleton, then emitting a pheromone which signals all pregnant females to commence egg-laying.

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