Heetmaken, a fiery planet very close to its star

Heetmaken is the first planet in orbit around Waark. It is a class RMD planet.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

This planet has several magma seas, and is highly uninhabitable for life.


Heetmaken is a small planet, with a diameter of only 1500 kilometers. The density is around 5.7 g/cm^3. It is mainly composed of silicate rocks.


Heetmaken is the first planet from Waark, and comes before Tegenstrijdig. It is only about 24 million Km from Waark, making it very hot.


Like most planets in its system, Heetmaken has much iron in its core and mantle. However, its crust and outer mantle have much less iron in it, and brings down its density. Also, the atmosphere has mainly degraded away, due to constant weathering and heat.


Heetmaken 's abundance of volcanoes often causes reformation of the planet's surface down to plain rock turning into large mounds of heated rock within weeks. When the Krijgvolk first made a trip to Heetmaken, 180 of 220 space travelers succumed to the intense heat produced by the constant magma flow around the planet. The rest died because of incredibly toxic fumes and the exploration ship was not equipped with gas protection, and the filters allowed toxic gas to enter the ship.


Heetmaken is a very hot planet, and is filled with magma.


The surface of Heetmaken is nearly 420 degrees Celsius. This makes most rocks and metals melt, and flood the surface with magma. Despite having no atmosphere, Heetmaken is not often a subject of meteorite impacts, so has very few meteor craters.

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