A computer scan of a kind of Uctamel.

Hecbir are a group of animals native to the planet Voricia. There are several varieties.


Hecbir come in several varieties, but all have practically the same body. The central top part is a rounded, bony area, populated by the main organs, i.e, the heart, brain, kidneys, liver, and other non-lung organs. This is supported by three 'legs,' which are nothing more than connectors to a bottom platform, which is pushed along by muscular ripples on its edge.

On the main spherical area, there usually tends to be some sort of sensory device, however not very advanced. Most varieties just can taste the air to find water nearby, but some have the ability to hear or sense vibrations to avoid predators. The legs are evenly covered by large, filtering spiracles, accustomed to the arid desert airs of Voricia. These filter directly to the bloodstream, so there is no main oxygenating area.

There are many varieties of the base of the Hecbir, most being just three seperate platforms. However, some are more accustomed to rough terrain and have one base, shared by three legs. On the center of each base, or three on one base, there is a large hole which leads to the stomach of the Hecbir. This filters out minerals and nutrients that the Hecbir needs.

Hecbir rarely feed, but when they do, they eat decomposing matter of both plants and animals. This is also fed into the stomach, where it is processed into waste which is recycled to grow. Average Hecbir are only around half of a meter to 2 meters in all dimensions, but some have been recorded to be up to 3.5 meters. It is proposed that they grow slowly througout their lifetime.


There are several varieties, many of which are in databases. Some include the


Hecbir are relatively unintelligent, only able to preform basic funtions. They go through a daily cycle of eating, resting, and moving. They rarely live in groups, and when they do it is merely a genetic function.

Credit - the 'computer scan' above was created in the game Spore, by Maxis.

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