Heartforge is a region of space (possibly a nebula) located within the Vesania universe.


From afar, Heartforge appears to be an immense series of fractal patterns. But up close, this shape is non-existent. No-one knows why this happens, although many who have seen it have reported strange sensations of dizziness after staring inside Heartforge.

All the planets here (few of which are named) orbit an immense, dying star.


The whole of Heartforge is home to a swath of nightmarish lifeforms, most of which can survive in space. Such lifeforms include Cthulhu, Nightgaunts, Migo, Shoggoth, and Cthugha (a possible form of Boltzmann entity), as well as the singular entity Azathoth.

Wreakers are especially prevelant in this area, for an unknown reason.


  • This region and its creations are all based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

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