Harvestors are a species of extremely dangerous reptile native to Thanatos.


Harvestors are usually around 4-5 feet long, and have 4 limbs. These limbs are positioned in a similar way to Terran crocodiles. They have 3 small, red eyes, and a long, thick snout filled with long, serrated teeth. These teeth are extremely fine, and simply touching one can cause a cut.

The tail is long, thin and covered in a fur-like integument. The male reproductive organs are unique, as they have many thin, tentacle-like penises used in mating. The females have massive claws on their front limbs, used to make nests.


Harvestors are carnivorous pack-hunting predators, capable of taking down prey as large as 25 feet. Harvestor packs also contain many tens of individuals, making them difficult to exterminate.


Harvestors are infamous for their powerful neutrotoxin, which can cause total paralysis of the body, including the eyes. The venom is contained in the teeth. The paralysis usually sets in after around 1 hour in a Vorian-sized animal.

A victim of the venom can be mistaken for a corpse. Since even the eyeballs cannot move, the only way to detect a victim is using a BIS monitor to detect awareness. Luckily, a victim can be cured with a simple antitoxin to the veins. During recovery time, the victim must be heavily hydrated to replace lost body fluids.


The male harvestor mates with the female by making holes in the female's genital area, then inserting the 'tentacles'. After mating, the female gathers as many victims as possible and lays eggs inside them. Each host can contain as many as 117 small eggs. One Hox scientist found a harvestor colony with 340 hosts, and around 40,000 eggs.

After hatching, the young harvestor dwells inside the host, getting both food and moisture from the host's flesh. When the host is killed, it crawls into another. The young stay with their mother for 10 years, indicating intense parental care.

Host CareEdit

Amazingly, harvestors will give food and water to their hosts in order to nourish them, which is done to keep them alive for as long as possible. In order to store food and water, the female harvestors have a special sac in their throat.


Harvestors live all over Thanatonian jungles, and make their homes in underground colonies. These colonies can contain as many as 50,000 individual harvestors, making them the most abundant vertebrate on Thanatos.


  • Harvestors were inspired by the Troodon from Jurassic Park: The Game, as well as the Meek. Since host nests and tentacle-based mating are considered disturbing by most people, why not combine these traits?

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