Haranot - artist-

An artist's rendering of a Haranot.

The Harano (pl Harano) are a non-sapient reptillian herbivore native to Yeseg. They live close to the equator, so have adapted to the warmer environments.


Harano have several systems to keep them alive.

Nervous SystemEdit

In the center of their heat-resistant skull, the Harano have a small, dense brain. Much of this is used for primal instinct and movement. However, some is used for reasoning, and sometimes make choices, such as whether to go to the scary forest or the lush vale.

Cardiovascular SystemEdit

The cardiovascular system of the Harano is centered around a small, three-chambered heart, which pumps to the 4 lungs located around the heart, and then to the muscles of the body. The lungs each are about the same size of the heart, and surround it in an 'X' pattern.

Muscoskeletal systemEdit

The bones of the Harano are weak compared to the tough scales, and can easily break under a blow. However, the bones and muscles of the Harano regenerate quickly - some muscles and bones can regrow in a few hours - and rarely mistakes are made.


The diet of the Harano is centered around algae in rivers and oceans. They almost never eat conventional plants, and if they do, they have quite a hard time digesting them. Also, another organism they can eat are the Ezafes, although they are slightly toxic to them.

Life cycleEdit

The Harano starts as an egg, as with the majority of reptilians. It eventually hatches and becomes a smaller version of an adult. Its mother takes care of it until it reaches half a year of age, and a few weeks later achieves sexual maturity.

After that, the young Harano will find another member of its species to mate with. It lays 3-7 eggs in each nest. Every half-year this happens. The Harano dies around 9-11 years of age.

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