Hambaans are a sapient species native to the small moon of Hamba orbiting the gas giant Hardak IV in the Hardak system in the Viperius Galaxy. They are classified as a Class V civilization and are currently at work to become a class VI.


Hambaans are a race that evolved from six legged cats. The first appeared more than 40,000 years ago and achieved sapience roughly 35,000 years ago. Over the years, they have built large cities and have achieved flight and nuclear power. They were tradgically dragged into the Jaonu War when a space battle between the Jogorian and Daa against the Cyberteeth turned into a struggle for Hamba. Over 75,000 Hambaans were abducted, and none have been seen again. As of today, they have a population of 2.1 billion.


Hamabaans are generally 4-5 feet tall. However, some can reach upwards of 5.5-6 feet. They are cat-like in nature, but have minimal hair on their bodies. They have adapted to standing upright on their hind legs, and have evolved opposable thumbs for grasping things. However, it is not rare to see one sprinting on all fours.

They are omnivorous, allowing them to farm crops and animals, as well as hunt. Their mouths have two rows of teeth, both retractable. One is filled with sharp, kinfe-like teeth and the other is filled with smaller molars. The first allows easy eating of meat, the other allows easy eating of flora.


Hambaans are much like late -50's to early -60's humans. They are just now developing their own spacefairing technologies, but have not yet taken to space. However, their understanding of the universe has increased a million fold as the Jogorians saved them from extinction by the Cyberteeth, forming an allegiance to the United Federation of Jogorian Planets to send a large tribute of resources to say thanks.


The Hambaan have always been very artistic, and because of this, every aspect of Hambaan life is seen through a colorful eye. Even soldiers of each nation-state are often seen in colorful uniforms during battle.


Most Hambaan nations are a republic, each believing in freedom and liberty. However, a few have become monarchy's in recent years leading to wars with republic states.


Hambaan technology is centered around nuclear fission. 99% of Hambaan electricity comes from hundreds of fission plants across the moon. Even Hambaan vehicles run on nuclear fission cells, making Hambaans extremely eco-friendly. However, they have not yet found a way to make jet aircraft run of fission, so they must tap into valuable oil deposits in order to get fuel for their aircraft.

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