The moon, Hamba

Hamba is a small terran moon orbiting the red gas giant, Hardak IV. There are five other planets in the Hardak system, two barren worlds, a desert world, an ice world and another gas giant. Hamba is home to millions of species, most notably the Hambaans who are a sapient race of beings.

The moon is divided into many different nation-states that are often at peace with eachother due to their similar ideologies. Because of this, they have had much time to advance nuclear fission technologies allowing for a ecofriendly environment.

As of today, there are 2.1 billion Hambaans living on the moon. This is approaching maximum population, and is pressuring the Hambaans to design space station technology to house future generations. However, they have not yet reached space.

More recently, the intergalactic Jaonu War saw a battle in the Hardak system resulting in a cybertooth invasion of Hamba in an attempt to set up an outpost and also start a new breed of cyberteeth. If it wasn't for the actions of the 347th UFNMC army and the Federal and Daa fleets, Hamba would have lost its sapient inhabitants.

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