HH1-56 is the 12th moon of Kkaggrak. It is composed of mainly silicate, but its high value renders it to be the most valuable moon.


HH1-56 is mainly silicate and is a rather small asteroid moon.


With a mass of 0.00074 times earth, HH1-56 would not regularily be colonized. However, with its high levels of platinum, iridium, and osmium, HH1-56 is currently being mined.


HH1-56 is mainly amphibole, and has several mica deposits on its surface. Also, it has small areas with traces of tourmaline. However, this asteroid has high levels of heavier platinum group solids, the most common being iridium. Since these three metals are used in Gorkhan Spaceship engines, they are highly valued.


As its name hints, HH1-56 is in the HH1 rings of Kkaggrak, which is in the Khargg system. This is in the Ngrakk Nebula of the Polemos Galaxy.

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