The HADES Assault Walker is a Dweller superweapon designed(with a height of 700 metres, a length of 950 metres and a width of 350 metres)to defend planets. As a mobile space/air defence weapon it became unmissable in their armoury. One is madDwellermonths

The HADES is equipped with 4 NOVA-Rays(2 on each side of the head and placed on top of the other), a giant railgun(in the middle of the rotating head)capable of firing regular ornament or Splitter Bombs. The HADES uses six legs to move and have stability.

When firing towards space it moves it's back legs more behind him. The front legs become bend and come closer. The head will now have more covered are to shoot at and it will begin firing.

The armour is made by the Qwatko's as token of appreciaten of what the Dwellers have done for them.

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