This invention will bring great fortune for our nation, it shall help us unify this continent. And after this, the others will follow...

- Jakta-Vri'ika after the discovery of gunpowder

This new discovery has great benefits, but many forget to see the threat behind it. People will start to use it to gain more power at the cost of billions...

- Muran-Vo'kzing

The Gyxorian Modern Era is a term used for the new era of the two remaining ruling societies on Gyxor(the Astin and the Yhang).

New culturesEdit

To celebrate the start of the new era the Astin and Yhang made or remodelled several cultures:

Astin culturesEdit

  • Modvarya: A american inspired style.
  • Anastvay: A russian inspired style.

Yhang culturesEdit

  • Lamdbuy: A mix of different styles. The Yhang are also able to talk to other species now through a Voice Virbration channel(the Yhang were able to create vibrations wich they could turn into speech with this device).

New alliancesEdit

Currently there are 3 ruling alliances:
Gyxor map-Modern Era map

Map containing the ruling nations: -Grey: UAN -Red: UGA -Green: CGN

  • The Union of Gyxorian Inhabitants(UGA)
  • The United Astin Nations(UAN)
  • The Confederation of Gyxorian Nations(CGN)

Changes for the Gyxorian populationEdit

The Astin and Yhang worked together to create a globally accepted language and ranking system:

ranks in their societyEdit

  • 'xsol(ixsol)=excile
  • 'tsol(etsol)=citisen(lower class)
  • 'nze(anze)=citizen
  • 'kzing(ikzing)=social elite(rich guy/snobs)
  • 'ika(taika)=politician
  • 'fung(unfung)=planet ruler
  • 'ignzo(gnignzo)=nation ruler
  • 'zvo(ezvo)=council member

there is also a title for a holy person:

  • 'slinchnaf(utslinchnaf)=holy person

ranks in the armyEdit

  • 'zva(uzva)=soldier
  • 'razva(urazva)=elite soldier
  • 'irez(airez)=medic
  • 'kras(ikras)=corporal
  • 'serts(oserts)=sergeant
  • 'na(ona)=lieutenant(for ships)
  • 'iona(oiona)=field-lieutenant
  • 'trix(utrix)=captain(for ships)
  • 'ichtrix(uichtrix)=field-captain
  • 'kliz(oskliz)=colonel
  • 'zaarts(uzaarts)=general
  • 'qiyux(iqiyux)=admiral
  • 'magna(omagna)=marshal

Important eventsEdit

A time of perril, horrors and chaos...The Global Gyxorian War(GGW)

A war provoked by Friesba-Gluk'magna in order to make the UAN rule over Gyxor or to make a unified nation.

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