Gyxor was the homeplanet of the Astin and the Yhang. It is situated in the Viperius Galaxy System (Thermus Galaxy). It is the second planet from the sun (called Mater, Latin for mother) and has an averege temperature of 20°C in the daytime, whereas at night it is 7°C

Astin solar system

From center to outer ring: Mater(sun), parvus frater, Gyxor, amplus frater, asteroid belt, pater.

The planet had a wide variation of biomes (rainforests, deserts, normal and arctic). However, since the Ad Mortem Cell invaded the planet and drove the Gyxorians away they began to change the planet, destroying the flora and replacing everything with an organic like layer.

Recently the Astins and Yhangs have begun making plans to mount an assault on Gyxor as the Dwellers have announced they are close to finding a anti-infection formula. This way the AMC can't use dead soldiers against the attackers anymore. However, due to the current war they are fighting and facing their near extinction they are unable to do this anytime soon.

Gyrox map

Map of Gyxor with biome situation. -dark green: rainforest.
-light green:normal.

Old spy drones left by the Astins have detected movement around Gyxor's orbit, ships have been moving towards the planet and explosions have occured at the surface. An unknown race is staging an attack on Gyxor.

Notable locationsEdit

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