Pluvius paticum humilia

Grumblers (occasionally called Grumblesnorts) are reptilian herbivores native to the Templum Archipelago, on Kaventro.


Grumblers are quite large, growing to lengths of 6 feet and weights of nearly 900 pounds. They are very bony, with hard skin that is difficult to penetrate.

Their most eye-catching feature, however, is their feathery tail, which displays bright colors. The colors vary between species.

Distribution and HabitatEdit

Grumblers are found on the five largest islands (Emilia, Darcheus, Shnellus, Iken, and Von) of the Templum Archipelago. All species are entirely endemic to the islands.


There are three subspecies in the species, Pluvius paticum.

  • P. p. humila - This species is a darker color, and frequents the lowlands and tropical regions. Its tail feather colors are red, orange, and yellow. They form herds more readily than the other species.
  • P. p. gammas - This species is more common in the forests. Its tail feather colors are red, blue, and green (green is unique to this species of Grumbler).
  • P. p. esorbatum - This species is a lighter color, and inhabits the drier, desert regions. Its tail feather colors are red, blue, and yellow.


Grumblers are herbivores, eating all sorts of plants and fruits. Even types of berries that are poisonous to sapients are eaten.


Grumblers enjoy swimming in ponds and lakes, although they rarely drink this water.

Because of their size, they are generally rather tame. Diaktus are their only predators (when adults).

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