2-3 ft.




Wetlands, Beaches



Grekk (grehke) are ambush predators native to Charon.

Usually solitary predators and scavengers, the grekk is relatively low on Charon's foodchain. They oftern serve as prey for larger, more deadly creatures, but even a small amount of the grekk's toxin is enough to incapacitate an elephant.


Grekk are carnivorous creatures native to the planet Charon. They are about the size of a small pig. Like all life on Charon, they are silicone-based (as opposed to carbon-based, like Earths' lifeforms), substitute water for ammonia in biological processes, and breathe methane gas.

Although blind, grekk see via two fleshy, electrosensitive bulbs on the top of their skull. These bulbs are extremely sensitive to the electromagnetic field surrounding most organisms, and can detect life at vast distances. They also have an acute sense of smell, thanks to thick, scent-receptive cilia along the skull and neck; this serves as an early warning system against predators, and also helps the grekk find carrion to scavenge. They breathe via four bony spines along the back, each hollow and filled with small holes to allow for the passage of air. Grekk are also bioluminescent, although the purpose for this is unknown.

Grekk secrete a neurotoxin from their jaws that both paralyzes and calms their prey, allowing them to rip off chunks of flesh at their leisure.


Grekk are ambush predators, often lying in wait in swamps or coastal areas that border the few ammonia lakes and rivers. They often bury themselves in sand, dirt, or other detritus in order to hide from their prey. Once their prey approaches to drink from the ammonia-source, the grekk will quickly lunge from beneath the ground, trapping their prey in their jaws. Once the neurotoxin has taken effect, the grekk will release its' prey and devour it in chunks, similar to the crocodiles of Earth.

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