The Greater Lanx Monkey is the dominant predator on Lacum Island, on Saaristo.


Greater Lanx Monkeys are virtually the same in design as their relatives the Lanx Monkeys. However, they grow to much larger proportions, up to five metres long and three metres high, and weighing as much as 600kg.


They are much larger than their cousins, so live alone. They use their limbs and prehensile tail to make movement on the Lacum Island volcano easier.

In mating season, males may fight over females, and the winner will get to mate. Females give birth to one or two live young, which she raises for a year, to teach them the dangers of the mountain, and then abandons. The smaller subspecies that lives on the plains abandons their offspring immediately. They have none of the motherly love of other primates.


They are exclusively carnivorous, being the dominant predators on the volcano. However, on the plains, their role is reversed with the Ferreuspina Cat, which has a larger subspecies living on the plains.


They are found all over Lacum Island, but the volcano subspecies is larger than the plains subspecies.

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