The Great Vorian Revolution
Date 4.000(.025) - Present
Location Throughout the Vorian Empire
Result Ongoing
Casus belli Varied public issues
Laoine opression
Vorian Revolutionaries
Pro-revolution Empires
Arawn sects
Vorian Loyalists
Pro-loyalist Empires
Arawn sects
Vosuqindr Curu ana'Voricia
High Marshal Miraq Yirqin am'Resir
The Rovian Shogun
Earl Dagda Yorown
The Laoine Chairman
Marquis Telor Ruidth
650 trillion Vorian soldiers
15 trillion Rovian soldiers
3,000 Arawn soldiers
740 million Vorian ships
Subara Fleet
Moru Fleet
Raisu Fleet
Yosai Fleet
Karran Fleet
Kuro Fleet
Grand Rovian Fleet
20 Arawn ships
300 trillion Vorian soldiers
5 trillion Laoine soldiers
4,000 Arawn soldiers
260 million Vorian ships
300 million Laoine ships
26 Arawn ships
5 trillion Vorian soldiers
20 billion Rovian soldiers
7 Arawn soldiers
2.4 million Vorian ships
600 thousand Rovian ships
10 trillion Vorian soldiers
15 billion Laoine soldiers
5 Arawn soldiers
6 million Vorian ships
1 million Laoine ships

The Great Vorian Revolution is an ongoing conflict to recreate the government system of the Vorian empire.


This page is a work in progress.

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