The Great Chasm emerged during the merge, when another star intersected Waark's orbit. This made Tegenstrijdig have a great rip in its crust, spewing toxic gases and causing mass extinction.


Caused by the Merge, The Great Chasm is one of the disastrous events caused by it. However, it did develop the Krijgvolk, and made them evolve at an extremely quick rate. Due to the Krijgvolk not knowing about the Merge, they believe that the Chasm was caused by some sort of deity.

About a quarter of the species on Tegenstrijdig became extinct during this event. However, the Vers Forest was almost completely unnaffected, as there still is mass quantities of life, and a large diversitiy of species.

Use in ChronologyEdit

Krijgvolk use this as a date-keeper for their events, making it approximately the same time as the standard Obeidon time. (See Multiverses Timeline) Dates prior to it are BC (before chasm) and AC (after chasm.)

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