Graagren is the third planet in the Khargg system. It is home to several colonial Gorkhan cities, but it is a class TBA planet.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

A smooth, icy planet, Graagren has very little usage to Gorkhan other than population explosion reception.


Graagren has a radius of .89 times the earth, and a mass of .42 times earth. It's silicate core amounts for most of its mass, as it has no mantle in it. This causes it to have no magnetic field, and no atmosphere.


Graagren has an orbit 203 million miles from the surface of Khargg, This gives it an extremely cold, frozen biosphere. Its orbit is around as elliptical as the orbit of Pluto, but does not cross with any other planets. It is moving away from Khargg at a very fast rate. It is estimated to exit from orbit very soon, but may be included in the Four Hundred Year Plan. Due to astronomical predictions, it has a very small chance of being caught in the gravitational field of Kkaggrak.


As being silicon based, Graagren has a silicon core and a rocky surface. Its core is very large, and has no molten mantle. Its atmosphere is mainly frozen, mainly being nitrogen, with some noble gases.


Graagren has two asteroid moons, Klagr and Kragl. These have mining stations on them, and are accompanied by several space stations.


From space, Graagren appears to be a round ball of ice. However, up close, it has a very rocky, plateau-like surface. In between these plateaus are large fields of ice, sometimes spanning several hundreds of kilometers. The plateaus are excellent for building grid cities, due to their flatness. These cities cover about 30% of the surface.

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