Gozel Corvette

An orthographic view of a Gozel-Class, from the Vorian Archives

Gozel Class Corvettes are Vorian spaceships which are used for escorting and recon missions. They are each 217.4 meters long, built around a large railcannon.


These Vorian corvettes are built in an oval shape, around a large railcannon. This fires frontally, delivering as much as 20 megatonnes of force per shot. These railcannons have very limited firing rates, however. It is the second smallest Vorian ship, being a Corvette. They are handled by newer pilots, and have a crew of around 400, with one pilot, four copilots, 50 control bay men, 100 engineers, 100 workers, and up to 150 gunners. Other weapons on the ship include 4 rapid fire railguns, a tactical laser and maser, and six flak guns. The energy weapons are located on the side, slightly protruding from the hull.

The rapid fire railguns are located by twos on the top and bottom, doing most of the fighting. Between these two are a flak gun, whereas the other four are located co-axially to the tactical laser and maser.

Like most Vorian ships, Gozel classes have their radiators on the back of the ship. In this kind of ship, the back curves into an upwards point, allowing the propulsion system to show. There are three radiators, each around 40 meters by 7.2 meters. The hull also features a spiked bottom on either side, creating an aesthetic effect. These are only half a meter in width, but surround the bottom railguns and flak gun. Around the central railcannon are two curved spikes, also for effect.

The flak guns and railguns can be hidden, making it look like a less deadly ship. The railcannon can be closed in case of shield breach, so projectiles are not fired into it. Most of the ship is made of nanodiamond, but aesthetics are made of titanium alloys or steel. The center of the corvette are ten laser-fusion reactors, producing a total of 25 GW. This is supplied by a hydrogen collector, collecting, refining, and pressurizing hydrogen when inside of nebulae or other hydrogen-rich regions.

The engines are high power fusion engines, able to use an antimatter boost to accelerate quickly. They can travel at speeds around 0.93c, but require a larger ship to carry it in FTL.

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