A Gonyord dressed in traditional robes and distinctive ceremonial belt

The Gonyords were a class XII race that hailed from the planet Jaya, in the Paradise universe. They are now extinct.


Gonyords stood about 2.5 meters tall, and were partially cybernetic.


Intelligence and SocietyEdit




Gonyord history is fragmentary and little known, in part due to the destruction of records, but it is believed that they evolved sapience sometime around 4.5 million BM. They were known to trade and interact with the Veiled Ones, Sii, Charonites, Shellious, and a few Empyrean races.

The Gonyords fought with the Veiled Ones in the Julth War, and contributed a large amount of force from the third year of the war on. However, when the Daemons were born as a result of Gehenne's failed experiment and the Veiled Ones were defeated, they attempted to flee. By the end of the next year, however, all remaining Gonyords had been killed.

In FictionEdit

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