We consume, we spread, we survive! What you think of infection is merely desperacy!

- Emperor Gni

The Gni Horde is the military force of the Gni, the horde is ruled by Emperor Gni. The Gni Horde is responsible for the high death counts of the Luminant during the still raging Darkside War.


The Gni know how to cripple their enemies, during an infestation they target public centra and spaceports to gain hosts and both to prevent them from leaving and to gain off-world transportation.


During a planetairy attack, which the Luminant call an infestation, the Gni work in several stages.

  • Stage 1: Gni appear in small numbers despite having already several hundreds, if not thousands, of troops. The Luminant can predict the start of a Gni infestation when many citizens have begun to disappear in in a 72-hour period. When they emerge they target public centra and spaceports.
  • Stage 2: When spaceports have been secured and there are enough hosts they begin to infect their bodies and mince them into small pieces. When this is done they have created a Gnistorm enabling them to infect whole cities in just several hours. The moment a Gnistorm is spotted the planet should be evacuated immediatly and bombarded from orbit with weapons of mass destruction.
  • Stage 3: The Gni begin to infect the planet itself by covering the surface with their biomass, the Gni Warriors appear. This stage ends when contact with the planet is lost due to interferance made by this biomass.
  • Stage 4: The Higher Gni are created out of the biomass and begin to search for remaining colonists.
  • Stage 5: The Gni leave the planet to search for another prey.

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