The end of peace, a race that was born purely out of hate and darkness. The Gni are the embodiment of death, they know nothing of mercy and peace. For decades we lived on the verge of annihilation, fearing that which consumes...

- Sentinel Bhertho'filon after ecnountering the Gni

The Gni are a warring, ferocious race native to Vrenthyar-5, they are the archenemies of the Luminant. "Gni" (meaning "Fearsome") is a term given to this parasitic lifeform by the Luminant.

Highly aggresive and intelligent, the Gni appear in many different forms from the smallest creature to grotesque titans.

They are omnivorous, they eat flesh but consume plants to spread their biomass.


Emperor GniEdit

Emperor Gni is likely the oldest Gni creature that lives and is therefore their leader, it feeds on organical mass and unlike other Gni forms can communicate with other species.

Higher GniEdit

The Higher Gni are the stronger types in the Gni Horde

Gni WarriorEdit

The Warrior Gni is a term given to the standard troops of the Gni Horde. There are several types:

  • Gni Mosquito: A flying Gni form, these winged predators pick their enemies out of the sky or from the ground depending on what they're attacking.
  • Gni Brawler: The most common Gni Warrior, they fight with their blade like arms to slice their enemies in hal.
  • Gni Marksmen: These Gni use organic spikes on their arms to shoot their enemy from afar.
  • Gni Hunter: These Gni are considered elite warriors and are reserved for special missions mostly ordered by the Gni Emperor.
  • Gni Scavenger: Most likely the strangest Gni in the Gni Horde, these scavenge the battlefield in search for weapons and technology, once they ound something usefull they abosorb it and use it against their enemies.

Lesser GniEdit

The lesser Gni are the weaker forms of the Gni Horde.


Although seen as the weakest form of the Gni Horde, the Gnistorm is the most fearsome and lethal asset in the Horde's military. Trillions of small molecule sized Gni form a giant cloud that moves towards their enemy at a frightening speed. The victims trapped inside this cloud are either eaten or controlled by all the Gni that entered their body. When the Gni attack a planet this is one of the first troops used to gain a significant amount of troops, the Gnistorm is also utilised as a counteroffensive weapon against high troop concentrations.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

The Gni are highly intelligent, carefully planning their next move trying to minimise casualties (despite they mostly use hosts as troops) and ending a battle as quick as possible to get to the next one. For example, during a Gni attack public centra and spaceports will be assualted first. The public centra are for the hosts and the spaceports to deny the enemy to leave and to have off world transport.

They live in hives with a caste system with Emperor Gni ruling all the lesser Gni.


During the Darkside War the Gni raged all over their universe, they are a class XI- Intrauniversal species.

Relations with other racesEdit

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