Gigapterus is the unofficial name of a huge flying predator native to Thanatos. The animal is a gigantic featherless avian, with a terror bird like beak with serrations. Gigapterus is NOT a scientific name, the scientific name hasn't been decided.


Gigapterus have a wingspan of 65-100 feet, and a body length of 20 feet. Suprisingly, they weigh only half a ton. Their beak is 6 feet long and has a bite force of 20 tons PSI.


Gigapterus are one of the top predators of their environment, feeding on the other predators of it's habitat (Herbivores don't exist on Thanatos.). But daggerjaws and snapflies sometimes attack and kill them, proving that the forests of Thanatos have no true apex predator.

Breeding and lifespanEdit

Male gigapterus attract females by flapping their wings to impress them. The male with the biggest wings wins. After mating, the female lays her eggs inside a tree, then abandons them to their fate. The eggs hatch after a month, and the young can take care of themselves from birth. Gigapterus live for up to 120 years, and reach sexual maturity at the age of 3, by which time they will have 46 foot wingspans.

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