The Gifshroef are large, hexapedal, herbivorous mammals native to the Vers Forest. They are commonly eaten by Krijgvolk, and are hunted by the Zorlakk. They are a quickly regrowing population, and will not face extinction unless a catastrophic disaster occurs.


Hexapedal, the Gifshroef have six legs. The front two of them are mainly for balance and have little use other than that and walking. However, the back two are highly muscular, and are used for jumping. This easily allows them to move from place to place quickly. This helps them jump across tall roots, rivers, and other obstacles. Their legs do not have a few large muscles,

However edible, their flesh is highly poisonous. Their predators have evolved to be unaffected by this toxin, and the Krijgvolk have chemicals that counter the poisons. However, this causes many scavengers, such as the Kuras, to die when eating it. This is a small factor to keeping the scavenger populations down.

The Gifshroef have a rather large heart, located in the lower abdomen, between the second and third pairs of legs. This pumps blood through the legs, and lower organs. A secondary heart, partially connected to the other, is located in the thick, tough neck. It pumps blood throughout the brain, but takes less of the oxygen present in the bloodstream.


Gishroef are 7.5 meters long, but their height varies. On average, they are around 4 meters tall. Their head rises 6 meters off the ground, and several muscles allow a large variety of movement. However, their shoulder height is around 3 meters.


Herbivorous animals, the Gifshoef are not naturally intelligent. They live in herds of up to 10, where there is no leader. They help each other out of the way of the Zorlakk and their traps. They graze off of the tree moss every few hours, two to six at a time, protecting each other.

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