A drawing of a gerl.

Gerls are fast-growing plants that are from the temperate nithlands. They are one of the preffered foodstuffs for herds of aarks, although nith are the bulk of the titans' diets.


A gerl can grow up to two metres tall. They are pollenated by kirs and eaten by most herbivorous plains species. Their solution to all this being eaten is like the creed's, although not so extreme: Grow fast. They can survive being eaten to the stump, and can regrow from broken roots. They will grow until they are full size, and then are pollenated. They will then create a large, juicy, mango-like fruit that can survive an aark's digestive system. Brillas, though, are the main consumers of these fruits. Most other creatures, even alhtupuths, will eat one if hungry.

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