This article contains a geologic history of Ishtar.

  • Primordial Era: During this era, life first appeared on Ishtar. It is unknown whether it evolved naturally, or was brought there by an intelligent entity.
  • Icthyan Era: At this time, certain fish crawled onto land and became the first amphibians.
Lush Ishtar

Ishtar before the Merge.

  • Aquarian Era: Prior to the Merging, Ishtar was warm and humid. Amphibious life such as hydrofliers flourished.
Barren Ishtar

Same planet, during the Vastan Era.

  • Vastan Era: In the future, Ishtar will become an arid desert world. Only the most adaptable life will be able to survive until then.

The Salsenes become sapient at this point in Ishtar's history.