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Gehenne was a Veiled One scientist during the Julth War. He produced the formula that transformed Daystar into Hectocapitus.


All Veiled Ones wore a full-length veil, so their features could not be seen.


An intelligent and forward-thinking scientist, Gehenne believed that his objective was to help his race in any way he could.

He enjoyed good relations with many other Veiled Ones, including all the Servants through his life.


Little is known of Gehenne's past. However, it is known that he served as a doctor for the Veiled One military during his early years. He served in the Ravager War, so was very long-lived.

After serving in the Julth War for quite a while, he decided to do something. His plan was to inject a formula into a Veiled One, turning it into a super-soldier. His test subject was Daystar.

The formula failed. Daystar became Hectocapitus, who laid eggs which hatched into the first Daemon army. After driving the Julth into the Crossverse, the Daemons turned on the old Veiled Ones, and destroyed their civilization.

Gehenne believed that all of the violence caused by Hectocapitus was his fault, and commited suicide by landing his spaceship on a planet about to be consumed by a Wreaker.


Here is a small fraction of Gehenne's creations:

In FictionEdit

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