The Gate Technology, mostly referred as Stargates or more commonly Riftgates are a class IX technology which was built by the Chem'nadar for intergalactic and interuniversal travel, sending them to other galaxies and universes for more easier and safer journies. This technology is highly manipulative, being able to open rifts in several places across Emenata.


Riftgates can be up to 1000km in diameter, built in a ring-like formation. The sides are half of a kilometer of carbon nanotubes with immense, using some repulsor nets to help it keep stable.

They have multiple bands around their sides, which each contain rift-creating devices. There is a large rift-creating device at the 'top' part of the ring, allowing a rift to take up nearly the entire interior.

On the sides of this are multiple conventional fusion drives, which can bring the device to around .05c in sublight, meaning fifty thousand using their civilization's Hyperdrive or fifty billion in Ultradrive.

Accompanying the drives are several large weapons, including mass drivers which launch ten-ton projectiles to .1c, delivering more than a gigaton of TNT equivalent, and low-terawatt-class lasers and masers. There are also near-teraelectronvolt particle beams on the sides.


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