The Gara are a mechanical race native to Apparata of Machinus. Their purpose is to maintain the planet, and in return the world gives them fuel to continue their repairs.


The appearance of Gara can vary widely, depending on the way they were built, although they are all clockwork constructs. Several types of Gara have been identified. It is unknown who---or what---built them.


There are several types of Gara.

  • "Droids", as they have been called, are the most prevalent type. They have distinct heads and limbs, and are for the most part identical (although some individuals vary slightly). Droids dwell on the planet's surface, where they perform repairs to the exterior.
  • "Crawlers" operate in the inner clockwork of Apparata. This form has a small body, and exceedingly long limbs, of which there are 12. They deal with problems inside the planet and are also used to perform many repairs at once.
  • "Waddlers" are small, slow forms of Gara. Only one has ever been seen, found on a meteoroid floating near the center of Machinus and drained of fuel. Their purpose is unknown, although it has been speculated that they are supposed to colonize new planets.


All Gara rely on a source of fuel to continue operating, provided by Apparata itself. The contents of this fuel are unknown, but it seems to be a form of liquid.

Gara need to ingest this fuel about once a week, or they power down and become "dead" in a sense.


All Gara repair and maintain the planet, and they have no other purpose. Any other beings that have landed on the planet were ignored entirely. As a result, it seems that Gara do not have much in the way of society.


It is possible that all Gara may hold concealed weaponry, but if this is true they have never been seen to use it.

In fictionEdit

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