The Galour are a race of mammalian sapients from the planet Arctos, in the Kamodan Galaxy. They have, for the most part, been conquered and enslaved by the Yraath, in part because of their pacifistic nature and reluctance to fight back against invaders.


At first sight, Galour resemble giant blue teddy bears that stand at ten feet tall. They have evolved thick, soft fur that keeps them warm on their homeworld, which is currently undergoing an ice age. The blue coat helps to camouflage them.

Despite their appearance, Galour are fearsome fighters, using their massive claws and fangs to their advantage. They have tremendous strength, allowing them to lift objects as heavy as a small car.


Galour are strictly predatorial, feeding mainly off of aquatic birds found on their homeworld.



The culture of the Galour is centered on love, compassion, and honesty. Because of this, they have no warriors, bankers, or diplomats. This, unfortunately, made them prime targets for the Yraath.


The Galour worship an entity known only as "Sky", who they claim will someday come down from the heavens to free his people. For this reason, Galour priests denounce rebels against the Yraath as "unfaithful". This is another reason that they were so easily enslaved by the Yraath.


The technology of the Galour has never advanced past a medieval level.

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