The Futurazoic is an alternate Earth in Futurazoic Universe of the Obeidon multiverse. In this world, an asteroid struck the planet around 1985, and life has branched off evolutionarily since then.


Future Map

A map of the Futerozoic.

Here, several things have changed geographically. Africa has traveled eastward and collided with Asia, as has Europe. North America has been pushed north, creating vast taiga forests and polar zones. Antartica has also gone northward, now possessing a more tropical biome.


Here, most animals larger than a sheep were killed by a catastrophic asteroid impact in 1985. This gave small animals a chance to step up and fill the empty niches. Creatures such as bats, rodents and birds have now filled many of these niches.

All animals from this period on this wiki are from 50 Million Years Hence, during the Crastinocene Epoch.


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