The Frutectosus Deer is a docile herbivore native to Robus Island, on Saaristo.


It is similar to the Earth deer, except for a couple of features. Its body is covered in hair, as protection against the cold. The hair is a cream or white colour. Also, it has a massive, bushy tail, which it uses to store fat, in the event that there is a lack of plant life.

Males have incredible antlers, spanning a total width of about five metres. They are multi-pointed, and used in mating bouts.

It can reach two metres high and three and a half metres long, much smaller than its main predator, the Magnalbus Bear.


They live in small groups; any larger, and there would not be enough food to go around. Their colouration is camouflage, and in addition, one member of the group is constantly on lookout. The deer switch roles regurlarly so everyone gets to feed. In the event of a predator sighting, they flee; their primary defence.

They mate within the group, rear the offspring for a few years, then chase them off to form their own groups, so each group doesn't become to large. Males compete over females by fighting each others with their antlers. Females will choose the strongest males, often with the largest antlers.


They are herbivorous, feeding on the bushes, shrubs and lichen that grow on Robus Island. They in turn are fed on by larger predators.


They live on the polar Robus Island, where they have adapted to the harsh climate.

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