The Frua Wir are a race of sapient beings hailing from the planet Bless in the Empyrean universe.



Frua Wir are green-furred, mammaloid creatures, standing about 2.5 meters tall. They superficially resemble crickets, with insect-like features such as compound eyes and antennae. Oddly, Frua Wir possess three legs: the third is positioned in front of the others, and is substantially thicker with muscle mass. It is used for leaping, a useful adaptations in the lethal Blessian ecosystems.

Internally, Frua Wir are rather standard in design, although both males and females possess wombs. (See "Reproduction" for details.)


Opporatunistic predators, Frua Wir prey on a variety of animals in their environment. In nature, they would use their strong front legs to chase down small animals. Nowadays, they primarily eat cloned tissue.




The Frua Wir culture is centered around adventure and exploration; even now, with their massive degree of technological sophistication, many of them will drop down on dangerous planets armed with little more than a spear, purely for honor and recognition.


For the past thirty centuries, the Frua Wir have been ruled by a group of individuals called the Pilot Kings. These mysterious beings are considered to be essentially immortal.


The Frua Wir worship a variety of deities. It is perhaps significant that some of these deities strongly resemble Telleni.



Intrauniversal (Class XI), the Frua Wir have explored most of Empyrean. They have achieved this with their powerful starships, which reach speeds of 100, 000c with mass adjustment technology. Their most powerful ships are the Ghost Stars, which are artificial Microverses generally commanded by Pilot Kings.


Standard Frua Wir vessels are equipped with mass-conversion devices, which transform matter into pure energy. Ghost Stars have their own unique weaponry.

In ground combat, Frua Wir wear sleek, robotic suits armed with radiation cannons and repulsor fields.

Genetic EngineeringEdit

The Frua Wir are capable of advanced genetic modifications. When possible, they prefer to create horrific plagues to destroy their enemies, rather than waste precious ships and soldiers.


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