We face difficult times, but if we stand together, if we combine our forces! We will be able to drive back these mechanical rustbuckets!
- Senator Dhiks talking about the Cybertooth threat on the 281 moon calender.

The Froziarii (singular Froziari) are a sapiant mammal species native to the planet Fornae in the Viperius Galaxy System. Fornae is situated in the Sukhuul Solar System, the Froskhi Galaxy.


The Froziarii are a six limbed species. They have two legs and four arms, each foot has three toes and each hand has four fingers. Their head is oval shaped and their nose is flat.

Their body is mostly covered in fur due to the cold environments of their planets.

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

The Froziarii are quite intelligent due to an old relic on Fornae. This relic is data storage unit with an advanced translater that contains their language called the Song of Angels.

The Froziarii live in nomadic tribes, small cities or space stations. Each tribe/city elects a leader, once this leader has died of age or combat a new one gets elected. These leaders represent their people in the provincial council. Each province elects a continental representative that participates in the global council. In the global council one individual is elected to represent their planet in the Galactic Froziarii Council.


The Froziarii are omnivores, they hunt the many animals roaming their planets and eat the berries and herbs they find in caves or plants that are able to resist the cold.


VIII- Interstellar, this species can travel between stars.

The Froziarii posses advanced cryo technology and A.I. systems due to their weaker bodies, they mostly make use of vehicles, drones or robots to fight for or with them.

Military doctrineEdit

Because the Froziarii are not built for war they make much use of vehicles, drones and robots. When these are not available they will use guerrila tactics to either harass or take out their enemy.

Their weapons are chemical based although they posses weaponry that makes use of energy and plasma.

Relations with other speciesEdit

  • Cybertooth: After a lightspeed malfunction, known to the Froziarii as the Hurgiokh Event. Due to the Cyberteeth's violent nature they were plunged into war. Relation = War.
  • Krono: The Krono attacked a Froziarii colony, killed the local militia and abducted the colonists. Relation = War.
  • Salsene: The Froziari met the Salsenes while fighting the Cyberteeth. Relation = Undecided.

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