Frostorgs are large, eusocial predators from the planet Arctos.


Frostorgs are pseudo-mammals, about 3 meters long each. Their bodies, weasel-like in nature, are covered in blue and black stripes. Their heads are white, and are equipped with two small horns.

The fur of a Frostorg is in two layers; the top layer provides protection from the elements, while the bottom layer insulates the body.


Frostorgs are active carnivores, the apex predators of their environment. They have a strange aversion to carrion; their comparatively weak immune systems may be the cause of this.


Frostorgs are eusocial animals, with only one breeding female in every group, coloquially referred to as "the Queen". The Queen is morphologically identical to her workers, except that she is slightly bulkier. Usually, the Queen secludes herself in a glacial cave, waited on by her children.

Not much is known of the layout of Frostorg caves; all reported expeditions to these locations have ended in disaster, including those lead by Yraath.

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