The continent of Frostia

Frostia is one of the three continents on Dragovia. The other two are Tropica and Vulcas.

Geographical FeaturesEdit

Frostia is the northenmost of the three continents, and the most elongated. It is covered with vast expanses of ice and snow, making it very inhospitable. However, life forms on Dragovia have evolved to cope with this.

Around the edges of Frostia, it is a maze of loose icebergs floating in the sea. After a while, they get smaller, and finally become non-existent as you near the other continents. Nearer the centre of Frostia, it is mountainous instead of flat.


Frostia wasn't always an icy waste. When the three continents were joined, there was no ice on the planet. But when they were split, Frostia floated further north, where it was colder, and eventually the entire continent froze over.


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