The Frostbite

The Frostbite is a dragon native to Dragovia.


The Frostbite is four and a half metres long, and snow-white to disguise itself when hunting. It has evolved to be wingless because flying ruins its cover, and therefore isn't beneficial for the species.

It has a deadly way of killing its victims. When biting a victim, it passes on a virus that gives the victim a deadly form of frostbite - freezing its insides. The virus is so potent it works in minutes even on the toughest prey. Worst of all, even a slight scratch could pass on the virus.

A frill of spikes extend backwards from the rear of the Frostbite's skull, making it virtually impossible to bite the neck. The rest of the Frostbite's body is unarmoured - it doesn't need armour because it has a thick layer of blubber underneath its leathery skin.


The Frostbite is carnivorous, as practically no plants grow on Frostia. Even then, there is little big game to hunt, but the Frostbite makes up for this by resting all the time it isn't hunting, to conserve energy.


Frostbites were once social animals, but prey on Frostia is so small that working in groups would inevitably lead to conflict. As a result, they only meet others of their kind to mate. Because of the cold, the female and male must constantly take turns to sit on the eggs to insulate them. Even so, it takes on average a year for the eggs to hatch. A clutch consists only of two or three eggs.

Once the younglings hatch, they are protected for a couple of months by the male - the mother has already left by this point. When they are a few months old, they must fend for themselves.


Having been stranded on Frostia, Frostbites have adapted to survive in the extreme cold. So much so, that if you placed one on Tropica or Vulcas, they would not survive very long at all. They have also become expert climbers to cope with the mountainous areas of Frostia.

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