A Friest(sorry for bad colouring :/)

The Friest are carnivorous species native to the planet Bukvruy. They are a member of the Klutsi Alliance. They mostly serve to meet new species(and to destroy them)and explore galaxys wich were unknown before.


They have 5 fingered claw-like hands. Behinf their elbow they have a pair of spikes(to pierce enemies who try to attack them from behind). Their back is covered with many spikes and is harder then any other body part(We speculate they must have been an aquatical species before). Their scale like hide can adapt to its environment to become hidden from view(heat sensors don't really work presuming they're reptiles), their original colour is a darkish green(with their bloud being slightly lighter of colour).


They are carnivores and hunt almost everything they can. If in desperate need they can force themselves to digest plants(but they are not meant to).

Intelligence and SocietyEdit

Being one of the dumber species in the Klutsi Alliance they are sent forth to explore the Universe.


They mostly roar and have much difficulty speaking more common languages.


Not much is known of their culture except that they like raiding ships and tend to brawl a lot.


Their names always include a 'schgr' somewhere.


They clothe themselves as if they're poor, wich is mostly the reason, but a big amount of them can afford decent clothing.


They regullary sacrifice offers to their 'gods', wich are demon like in appearance.


X- Intergalactic, this species has explored multiple galaxies

Military DoctrineEdit

The Friest do not have a decent military and rely on using guerilla tactics.


A big portion of their history is missing due to the late finding of them.

Relations with other racesEdit

Notable individualsEdit


In FictionEdit


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