Holo-diary day...X I guess? It's been several weeks and we finally finished our top-secret mission, I got shot several times, my right scapula is gone and I have this cool cybernetic arm. Aside from several scars the best thing from the mission was our new ally, the Qwatko...

- Freliah making a recording for her holo-diary after the secret mission she was assigned to.

Freliah is a female Twik-Twikh serving in the Twikhii Marine Forces.


Freliah was born on the colony Xathla but raised on Wikhyam's moon, Ytha. After enjoying a life of parties and alcohol she joined the army when she turned 21. This was mostly due to her parents being sick of her behavior, but they were surprised to see she likes the life of a marine. After several years of serving she gained the respect of her superiors and fellow marines. She has been decorated for bravery and nearly sacrificing herself to save a superior.

At the age of 27 she was assigned to a secret mission in which she got wounded badly losing both her right scapula and arm. As a replacement she got a cybernetic arm and a prothese scapula (which was only temporarily until a more decent field hospital could be set up). After the mission she requested to keep the prothese as a souvenir to the fun she had on the mission.

After the mission she was promoted and asked to serve with the Irthaz-Qanatha's Twikher Secret Service and all records after this point became classified, her family hasn't heard of her ever since. The sole record of her after this point was a message to her former CO, the content however was heavily encrypted and could not be read.

A superior once stated: "I've seen bad things in my life, corpses of children, burned people screaming for help... But an enemy being interrogated by Freliah was the worst of all..."


  • Freliah was secretly in love with her CO during her mission

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